"Danielle is supportive, non judgmental, patient, knowledgeable, professional and gives your nutritional needs her all."

I sought the services of a nutritional therapist when recovering from a hormone positive breast cancer. The treatment that I was given meant that I would gain weight and have a chemically induced menopause by being given medication that stopped my body producing estrogen. I was suffering from fatigue, hot flushes, aching joints, night sweats and mood swings. I am very grateful for having found Danielle she has put an enormous amount of work and research into helping me manage my symptoms. Danielle has given me in-depth nutritional plans, supplement recommendations and recipes to help me to achieve my goals. Since working with Danielle my night sweats and hot flushes have improved by at least 85%. My joints are significantly better and my moods have improved. I have more energy and I am starting to loose weight. I would highly recommend Danielle, she is supportive, non judgmental, patient, knowledgeable, professional and gives your nutritional needs her all.


Suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and palpitations Danielle quickly and efficiently got me on the road to recovery. She has a professional and conscientous approach to her work and replied promptly and effectively to my queries and requests. My supplements were ordered the day of my consultation and arrived the next morning. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to find a holistically focused naturopathic nutritional therapist.


After quite a few years of dealing with a lot of stress and histamine issues, I developed quite debilitating Adrenal Fatigue. I've always preferred to follow a natural route in my health issues, so working with Danielle was an easy decision. She is very approachable, practical and knowledgable in her approach to addressing health problems and through her support with diet, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes, I feel I have made rapid improvements. The exhaustion I felt has lifted considerably and I now feel I can function with so much more energy and vitality, as I should normally. I still continue to follow Danielle's plans/protocols to maintain and continue my journey to good health, refining things and adapting as I progress. I cannot recommend Danielle highly enough, if you are ready and dedicated to make the changes you need, on your own personal journey to health.



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