Online plans are a great way to get started for anyone who is interested in improving their overall health and energy. You might be interested in improving your nutritional status and want to make healthier changes to your diet, but not quite ready to committ to a full personalised nutrition package. You may feel that you are generally healthy or have already completed a programme, but just need some additional support and motivation to keep you on track.


Spring has finally arrived and it is the perfect time for new beginnings! Put the spring back in your step, feel lighter, brighter, more energised and craving free by giving yourself a Nutrition Spring Clean with the Naturally Nourished Spring Reset Online Nutrition & Lifestyle Programme. This 21 day ONLINE programme is Nutritionist designed to reset your metabolism, renew your energy and revive your vitality for the Spring season and sunshine! It will also support your immune system and hormonal balance.  You will get a delicious meal plan full of easy and quick to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks, as well as lots of health coaching support and lifestyle medicine recommendations within an online group.

This virtual plan has no strict regimens to follow and no classes to attend - just simple, nutritious, easy-to-prepare, tasty meal options, that you can follow from the comfort of your own home with lots of online support.

The programme has been designed to help you achieve the following results:

  • introduce healthy new habits
  • nourish your body with real food and fresh ingredients
  • reduce your toxic load, including alcohol, caffeine and sugar
  • feel lighter, brighter and more energised
  • lose weight and body fat in a healthy, sustainable way without counting calories
  • improve your body confidence

All the recipes have been designed by nutritionists with the following principles in mind:

  • low carbohydrate (not NO carbohydrate)
  • blood sugar and energy balancing
  • good quality proteins
  • healthy fats (like avocado and nuts/ seeds)
  • high nutrient density
  • easy to prepare and family friendly
  • naturally gluten free

There are Vegetarian, Vegan and Meat/Fish options available. You simply pick and choose from the plan the meals you want to make.

What you get:

  • A comprehensive meal plan with delicious, easy, family friendly recipes
  • Shopping list to help you get prepared
  • Support pack including some simple guidance
  • A BLANK weekly meal planner to help you organise your meals and be more successful
  • A 30 minute online consultation to review and set your health goals with a qualified Nutritional Therapist & Natural Health Coach
  • Health & Energy questionnaire at the beginning and end of programme to help you identify your symptoms and set your goals
  • Body stats - waist to hip ratio & BMI
  • Private Facebook group with access to expert nutritional advice and support and practical step by step weekly advice in the group with a focus on blood sugar balancing, exercise, stress, sleep and eating out
  • Support and motivation from others in the group following the same programme

The programme starts on 20 April 2020. Health Investment: €75.00